Saturday, 30 December 2017

Get an Ideal Cloud VPS Hosting Solution with Us

As you know the selection of a web hosting server completely relies on your business goals. Nowadays, Cloud VPS Server Hosting is the perfect choice for e-commerce websites and heavy web applications. Based on upgraded technology, Onlive Server delivers Cheap Cloud VPS Server Hosting with the super-fast, auto-scalable cloud hosting platform to host your website with completely customizable plans. Whether you own just a start-up or want to develop a small business, our cloud-based VPS hosting is an ideal for you.

Cloud VPS Server Hosting - Onlive Server
There are many distinctive benefits of cloud server hosting over other conventional hosting services like shared or dedicated hosting. It may happen that your website abruptly attracts heavy traffic in a single day. With traditional web hosting solutions, the network may get blocked, thereby making difficult to access the website. However, with cloud VPS hosting, the website can run smoothly that too without any disruptions.

We offer you the Best Cloud VPS Server Hosting Plan with different features including choice of operating system, easy to use control panel, high bandwidth, redundant data storage, RAM, Data storage space, high performance, maximum network time, security and many more for your website growth. As cloud hosting server is independent of software and hardware unit, so the fear of server crash gets eliminated in case of any hardware failure. Our Cloud VPS Server Hosting Price, which is very affordable, depends entirely on the hosting package you choose. We provide the top-notch hardware at much reasonable prices. Our Cloud VPS Server Hosting Provider delivers you the most robust cloud running on the latest Intel Xeon processors and SAS storage which provides predictable and guaranteed enhanced performance.

Your cloud server is overseen by our experts all day and night. If you face any difficulty with the server, reach us via email, telephone or simply leave us a message and get quick assistance from our professionals.

Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Experience the High-End Cloud VPS Server Hosting Experience with Us

Cloud hosting, also known as clustered hosting, is a web hosting service that is offered from a network of connected servers. In cloud VPS server hosting, servers are not connected necessarily in the same order. They are mainly located in data centers scattered around the world. In simple terms, the cloud provides a hosting ecosystem for computing resources which have been pooled together and provided over the internet. It does not restrict an application to a particular set of resources. Powered by the up to date cloud technologies, Onlive Server's cheap cloud VPS server hosting is definitely your #1 choice.

Onlive Server - cheap cloud vps server hosting
We are one of the largest independent clouds hosting Providers Company and have delivered cloud and infrastructure services all over the world including USA, Japan, UK, Germany, France, Israel, Sweden, India and many more countries.

Some Amazing Benefits of Cloud Server Hosting:-

Scalability of Cloud VPS Hosting:
The technology we use in cloud server hosting is highly scalable, meaning cloud-hosted websites and infrastructures can easily manage different levels of traffic as demand waxes and wanes. In this aspect, business owners can easily avoid server failure during sudden surges.

Cloud VPS Cost:
Cloud hosting is a cost-effective solution, particularly for those who need high processing power. Cost of cloud hosting providers is based on the consumed computing power. As clients pay only for what they use, there is no longer any need to spend on unnecessary bandwidth and other resources in order to prevent website failures. Onlive Server delivers cheap cloud server hosting solution which is highly reliable and customizable.

Dedicated Support Team:
We offer the world-class customer support 24*7. We have a team of outstanding professionals who can guarantee no disruptions to daily tasks. In case any issue arises, you can contact our team. Our team will reach you in a matter of time. So, you no need to worry about hardware and software issues, focus only on making sales and meeting business objectives.

Monday, 25 December 2017

Thrive Your Business with Our Reliable Dedicated Hosting Services

There are myriad of dedicated server hosting providers you come across. The tough task is to find the one that is affordable and reliable. Onlive Server delivers you cheap dedicated server hosting that perfectly matches your budget.

Many businesses that demand more freedom and resources to operate their own web applications usually choose dedicated hosting services. In this type of hosting service, the entire server is allotted to a single user and no other user can share any information on the server space. However, handling certain technicalities like server set up, restarting the server as per the requirements, granting apt-file permissions , taking the data backups, and other complicated agendas is not an easy task altogether. And this is exactly when dedicated server hosting comes to play. Our dedicated hosting server price ranges according to your business type (small, medium or large).

We are a dedicated server hosting company offering you the top services at low prices.

We deliver ready to use dedicated server as soon as you buy it with our unique fast provisioning platform. You can begin hosting with just a click at no extra costs or unwarranted delays.

Our Dedicated Servers are hosted at top-class Datacenters with the recent technology in security, networking, and cooling facilities. We are a leading dedicated hosting service provider and always make sure that your hosting server is always up and operating at maximum efficiency.

We deliver best dedicated server hosting world class hosting servers with Intel Xeon Processors to provide power packed performance and unparalleled reliability. Our data loss protection technology keeps your data safe against all failures and ensures high redundancy.

Our dedicated 24x7 support staff is just a call away and can assist you with all basic elements of dedicated hosting. We can proudly boast of high network uptime and can assure that all your support queries will receive instant and perfect solutions.

Friday, 3 November 2017

Best Germany Web Hosting Server - Benefits from Several Point of View

This is a standout amongst the most critical choices that you will make with respect to your web nearness, and internet showcasing – Selection of Best Germany Web Hosting administration that addresses everything like web issues and necessities. Whenever you go for an Internet Service Provider who is outstanding and most demanding in the market for adequacy, at that point, you will not confront any issue, but whenever you go for an obscure web specialist organization then its strength get somewhat dubious. So always do the selection of a best hosting server provider that fulfills all your hosting demand. There are some points that may help you for the best one selection.

Germany Web Hosting Server:

By keeping, these points in mind do the best one selection of hosting server

You truly cannot work without web space. A specific amount of storage space is given to your website, by the web hosting specialist co-ops, on their servers. What you have to do is to ensure that the amount of storage space given to you is that enough or not and will meet your business prerequisites. The truth is that you must have enough space for business development.  A business will grow after a timeframe, and this would build the necessity for space. In this manner, web space turns into an imperative parameter concerning determination.

A FTP gets to is another part that you need to think about before choosing a best web hosting administrations. Anyway, why it is so important? Fundamentally, FTP enables you to transfer new pages. Presently this is vital in the event that you consistently refresh your pages. The issue emerges if the web hosting specialist organization will just empower you to outline your website pages and not transfer them. FTP is concerned implies that your business site or some other site so far as that is concerned has the extent of development. It must be refreshed on time and should be accessible when you need it to be accessible. It must not be down any of time. Whenever you surf the web you will run over various locales that either are down the vast majority of the circumstances or need to update at a certain interval of time. You are not pulled by such websites. This would clarify the potential client response to Website, which contain similar negative hosting features.

There are different destinations that are loaded with designs and different types of media. They look great, sound fascinating; however, they have one major issue. In case that the web host is not great and does not offer speed of access then a surfer should sit tight for an irregular timeframe for the webpage to stack. Additionally, it’s a given that having invested so much energy getting to a specific site you will mull over returning a moment time to that specific site. Hence, it is likewise critical that your web hosting administration offer you great speed whatever your website’s nature. Your website must be secure from programmers and different other online heels. You can just guarantee this if your web have utilizes a safe server. This is yet another vital parameter.

Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Increase Your Business Growth with Germany Cloud VPS Hosting

Each association on the planet utilizes the benefits of web hosting servers for making and planning their Web sites. There are essentially three sorts of web hosting servers called dedicated web hosting, virtual, and shared web hosting. Each has its own advantage as well disadvantage and it has recorded steady development. Shared web hosting shares the hard drive among different clients. So it is not sheltered to be utilized for sparing secret business data's. Virtual web hosting is minimal propelled web hosting which permits just sharing of programming, working framework, and so on. In any case, the dedicated web hosting framework accompanies a full security in which hosting of the server should be possible in a full swing without offering it to another client. Afterward, the Germany Dedicated Server Hosting came into a showcase with further developed highlights than the dedicated web hosting. Such a large number of significant organizations like Microsoft and Google moved to cloud hosting from dedicated web hosting.          

A few Points about Cloud Hosting:

The reason for the cloud hosting is to meet all the client's prerequisites like transmission capacity, processor, working framework, assets, and distinctive programming. Cloud hosting has assembled their assets together which depends on a few servers. Its fundamental point is to give the whole hosting idea battle free with the assistance of virtualization innovation where cloud hosting is set up in a basic server farm shape. The extraordinary case in this virtualization innovation is that there is no control by an individual or working framework or gadgets for overseeing it. The main work of a customer is to give his application and the rest things will be consequently handled. The other valuable element of cloud hosting is the adaptability. It can change its equipment and programming arrangements as per the adjustment in necessities. The big advantage of it that it is refreshed automatically. For the most part, the customers overlook or feel intense in redesigning the settings, which is naturally given and become more demanding among the client. One of the focal points is that the program running in the cloud hosting of windows based server will run even on the shared hosting server of windows based server. The only disadvantage of it is that if the hosting stage is of Linux then it will run just in the Linux based server. Aside from the server suppliers, the cloud hosting has a portion of the accompanying normal preferences.

If the customers are utilizing web hosting for a more extended time regular under a gigantic movement locales, they should look for the programmed stack adjusting and a standard IP may suit their necessities is promptly given by the cloud hosting. In view of the different personality blowing highlights, the cloud hosting might discover just its development later on and there is no big surprise if all the association utilizes the cloud hosting because of its similarity. The cloud hosting officially found a solid place in the web hosting field and chances more for development of its prominence. Besides these all, there is no need of acquiring equipment or programming for executing cloud hosting.

Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Select Right Netherlands Dedicated Server Hosting Platform

Onlive Server offers you Cheapest Netherlands Dedicated Server and VPS Hosting Server at very lowest cost with lots of features like full bandwidth, stability, reliability, and 24*7 hours available technical support team. The essential favorable position of Our Netherlands Dedicated Server and Netherlands VPS Hosting Server is that it is practical and offers an extraordinary opportunity to customers to deal with their work portals. You are given full root access to your private servers. But technically you lie on the same physical machine sharing its CPU, RAM, circle stockpiling, and data transfer capacity. It gives complete control over your server so you can easily add or remove any thing from your server without others permission. Our Netherlands Dedicated Server and Netherlands virtual private server depends on virtualization innovation, which isolates a physical server into numerous virtual servers. This is finished with the assistance of a product utility that divide the main hardware into small units where every unit work independently and freely from each other. the purpose behind the segment of main server is that free server can be rebooted easily without influencing other Netherlands VPS Or Dedicated Server.

Round the clock technical support 

Mostly service provider like Onlive Server offers round the clock specialized support to their customers. In addition, Our Netherlands Dedicated Server and Netherlands VPS equipment and programming are nearly checked by proficient experts, who can cleverly resolve any potential issue any time 24*7 hours. You can contact them via telephone or email after you query they will quickly contact you and resolve your problem. Today, people are progressively making utilization of the ideas of online market that encourages associations of all sizes to make and begin their site, a channel to create income. Without a doubt, web based business entries are presented to overwhelming activity; along these lines, to serve the demand of clients and to keep away from dismal repercussions, it is vital that you have essential processing resources.

The quicker your site reacts to a guest’s demand, the quicker the execution of your website page is. Thus, Onlive Server hosting is the most appropriate alternative for web based business entryways. It is an awesome approach to draw the clients, which, in the long run, helps in building your brand. Onlive Server is a main web hosting supporter, with a rich industry experience and ability in taking care of the hosting necessities of organizations of all sizes. Its arrangement of offerings traverses over dedicated server, Netherlands VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, Joomla hosting, and cloud hosting arrangements. We guarantee maximum network accessibility and 99.99% uptime for our customers. On top of that, master dedicated support is additionally accessible round the clock to guarantee smooth work operations.