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How to Book Domain Name Registration Online Through Onlive Server?

Register Your Domain Name Online

Now people owning websites have increased, and some use the sites for blogs, while others for commercial purposes. Many entrepreneurs start their business in the online space, as they can earn a good amount without physically monitoring in a shop. Merchandising your products and services through an online space is the best option for many people who like to work from a comfortable place. It sounds good and fun.

Well, in developing each website, there are technical aspects that many are not aware of, but you can leave these worries to a professional. So, when you build a website, the need to Book Domain Name Registration Online comes to your mind. For your website to be noticed quickly by the viewers, a domain name has importance. Choosing the domain name confuses the business owner most time, and with business ventures with the same name on the internet, this task becomes more difficult. Onlive Server is here to help you 24/7 when you need to check for the domain names suitable for your website.

How to choose the right domain name?

Choosing a name is never that difficult, but when you have some factors to consider, you need to give a deep thought to selecting a domain name. So, first, let's check the requirement of elements of a domain name that can benefit your website.

·    The domain name is for the ease of the user to find your website, so make sure that they are simple and easy to remember. If your brand has a common name, you can add some uniqueness to make it impressive.

·    When you select the keyword for searching the domain name, it should be related to your work or brand name, which people will notice soon. If you run a local business, even the place name can contribute to your chosen domain name.

·    It is not good to change the main keyword entirely when the desired domain name is not available. People won't remember your website's domain name if they are not anything related to the brand.

·    The money you pay for registering the domain name depends on the extension you choose, as some are standards while others can be completely new to you. There is no need for you to choose the standard extensions, as the chance of availability is less for these extensions. You can register the extension that suits your brand at affordable rates.

Most of the time, business owners get impatient when they don't find the domain name available. If you go behind the standard extensions, they may already be registered by your competitors. You can stand out from the internet crowd by creating your domain name impressive by the perfect combination of extension with the keyword. If you intend to run your business for a longer time, take your time to think of the best domain name, which you can retain every time.

Easy steps to register the domain name through Onlive Server

Now that everyone loves their online presence to interact better with customers, Book Domain Name Online without hassle. When you think of domain name booking, several domain name registration sites come into your mind, and Onlive Server can be the best choice you can make. We offer assistance to every user who is looking to register the domain names for their website.

You can search for our official website,, and register to the website if you are a new user. Then you can log in to the website using the email id and password you have already used at the time of registration. A search box appears where you can check for the keywords you have in mind and choose the suitable extensions from the category list. The extensions are not the same for every website, as you can go with various options for entertainment, shopping, or blogs; the one you choose should suit the need. Your viewers can get a more reliable idea of the website by seeing your domain name itself, so it has importance to increase the traffic for your website.

The extensions have varied rates, low to high, and some are common among the business owners, others not regularly seen. The currency settings can be set according to requirements, and you can compare the price of extensions. You can choose the extension that can fit your brand website and impress the customers. You can continue the procedure of searching the domain name until you find an available name, and we give you some suggestions in the window that matches your keyword.

If you completed the domain name selection, you can add them to your purchase list and check out after finishing the payment. The domain name is registered for your brand for one year, and if you plan to retain the domain name after one year, you need to pay the amount for the renewal process. 

Thursday, 15 July 2021

How to check website domain registration of an already registered domain?


A domain name is an address at which a website can be accessed. They're used instead of IP addresses to make it easier for visitors to identify a website without having to remember a long string of digits. Every domain name must be distinct, and no two domains may be the same. Before you can use a domain name, you must first register it. If you want to register a domain but it's already taken, you might try to buy it from the current owner. If the domain owner has added domain name privacy, their information will be kept secret, and you will not be able to find it. It means they aren't interested in selling it in that instance. There are various steps to Check Website Domain Registration of an already registered domain.


There's no assurance you'll find out who owns a domain name. Domain names are registered with domain name registrars on an annual basis. If a domain name registration is not renewed, it becomes publicly available. Let us see the steps that can be used to check website domain registration of an already registered domain:


  • Go to the website- If the domain was purchased as an investment, the owner would make it easy for you to contact them. So, to begin, go to the website and see what comes up. They may state flatly that the domain is for sale and provide contact information or a form to complete. In certain circumstances, you'll be able to discover contact information on the website's Contact or about pages if the domain is still in use.
  • Check to see if the domain name is in the WHOIS database- Every domain name must have a registrant, administrator, and technical contact, all of whom can be the same person or company. A name, mailing address, phone number, and email address must be provided for each contact. Owners of domain names have the option of keeping their information secret. This type of private registration service replaces the registrar's or the registrar's private registration service provider's contact information with the registrar's or the registrar's private registration service provider's contact information. When privacy is enabled, you can still contact the domain name's owner. Depending on the owner of the domain name's email settings, the email address specified in the private registration should forward to them.
  • Make contact with the Registrar of the Domain- Look for contact details on the domain registrar's website on Google. Give them a phone or send them an email describing the name you want to acquire and asking them to forward your information to the owner. The registrar will have the owner's contact information on file and will be able to inform them of your interest without infringing on their privacy. This is a very effective step to check website domain registration of an already registered domain.
  • Make contact with the owner of the domain name- It's time to contact the website owner if one of the methods above takes you to him or her. Make an email to them informing them that you're interested in buying the domain. Make sure your email shows seriousness and professionalism to prevent appearing spammy. It will appear more credible if you have a professional email account with a domain name that you own. Because people receive a lot of spam emails, you'll want to make it clear that you're a real person with genuine interest. If you can do that, you'll have a lot better chance of getting a response.
  • Employ the Services of a Domain Broker- Consider employing a domain broker if you haven't been able to locate the owner's contact information or if you have but need assistance with the process of making an offer. If you've never purchased a domain name before, they can assist you in determining a suitable price to request, contacting the appropriate person, and ensuring that the purchasing process follows the required stages so that everyone is satisfied at the end. Scammers abound in the realm of online transactions, and online brokers can assist you in avoiding those that operate in the domain name industry.
  • Take into consideration a new domain name - Even if you follow all of these steps, the individual who currently owns that name may refuse to sell or will only accept a greater price than you can afford. In that case, you are far from the only person to have to come up with a name that isn't your first choice. Examine various domain name extensions. Also, come up with new domain name suggestions. You might just come up with something even better than your original concept.

You can use the above steps to 
check website domain registration of an already registered domain. However, before approaching someone about acquiring their domain name, you should think about your own reputation. If you already have a following, the (Domain Name Search) owner may realize how valuable the name is to you, making a thousand dollars purchase worth tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars. It's difficult to come up with a nice domain name that hasn't already been used; there are so many websites out there that many fantastic ideas have already been taken. However, you could still be able to purchase the domain you choose. If that fails, a little ingenuity or flexibility will let you come up with something that will suffice.

Monday, 12 July 2021

Considering investing in UK VPS Hosting? Here are few keynotes

UK VPS Hosting

Indeed, there is no there lies no denial in the fact that the entire stance of the living is moving towards digitization. Hence it can be blithely conceded that it is the digitization that rules the world. Moreover, after the pandemic's sudden surge, even the small business enterprise has been forced to digitize. And as more companies are stepping into digitization, to keep up the pace, they need to create a website. With the increasing number of websites, there is a need for something else increasing along with it, and that is the hosting limit. If you are an individual considering investing in UK VPS, this blog can help you. 

A brief idea of VPS 

For those of you who are new to the concept, a VPS is a Virtual Private Server dedicated to your business. These servers are hosted on the cloud and are usually managed by an underlying hypervisor which facilitates a portion of your physical server. On the other side, a VPS can be managed by a physical machine that also hosts other VPS, and thus the entire ecosystem is made available on the cloud. UK VPS Server providing service is the most popular hosting service you can avail in today's market. The technology employs virtualisation to provide you with dedicated resources. VPS is more secure and stable than a shared hosting service. 

The mechanism of VPS hosting 

Before delving into further details, it will be imperative to know the way VPS works. In the beginning, you must know that a virtual private server is, first and foremost, a computer where all the necessary files and resources of a website are stored. You must know that the mechanism of VPS works quite intuitively; this means as an online visitor requests to access the data, the server sends the file through the internet. In that case, you will need to know that the virtual server always stimulates the VPS hosting mechanism. A competent server like UK VPS Server hosting employs a virtualisation technique that is worth its name. 

A few other types of VPS 

There are various types of web hosting available in the market that allows you to perform different customisation levels on your server. These servers may vary in pricing and performance; however, below are a few different hosting service types per Germany VPS Hosting.

  • Shared hosting: The website owners, whose traffic has reached limits, shared hosting can be an easy solution. However, most small business and bloggers take the shared hosting service, as with shared hosting, you can allocate the resources. Thus, the memory and computer power get affected mainly by the need of other service users. You can consider shared hosting as a rental apartment where you have to stay with roommates for better understanding.
  • Cloud Hosting: Cloud hosting, on the other hand cloud hosting, is hosting where you do not get to use a single server but a cluster that runs on each cloud. Every group on the server stores an updated copy of your website. When one of the servers is engaged, the cluster automatically redirects it to the other sever. 
  • Word Press Hosting: WordPress hosting comes with various word press related features, which you can use if you have a word press site. The hosting providers often offer word press as part of the shared hosting service. 
  • Dedicated hosting: Dedicated hosting, on the other hand, is expensive as you get to rent the entire physical server for your business. These types of hosting are generally used by those who have a high traffic website. Dedicated hosting is fast, flexible and fully customisable. As per the reviews of the UK VPS Server, dedicated hosting is for the company with big labels. 

A few utilities of VPS

It is not for nothing VPS happens to be the most favoured hosting service in the world; even the small enterprise is investing in VPS. Hence it will be imperative to know the various benefits before investing in VPS; you will know that qualified hosting server like UK VPS Server Hosting will always have the below-mentioned features, which you may find quite useful.


  • VPS lowers the risk: Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind while hiring VPS is security, as in VPS, you do not have to share the server with other websites; it is safe and secured. 
  • VPS delivers a faster user experience: Undoubtedly, it is the world where being crisp and short is the trend; moreover, as per the reviews, more than 84% of people prefer less than two seconds of loading time. In a VPS where you have to share the server and virtually dedicated, you are destined to experience a rather faster user experience. 

Know when to upgrade your hosting limit 

Usually, VPS is the hosting option at the time when your website outgrows the limitations of the shared hosting. As a website owner, when you find a hiked traffic, you will know that the shared hosting plan is not enough for your website to run smoothly, so consider upgrading it to VPS hosting. A quality server such as UK VPS Server hosting will be able to provide you with the best of both worlds. 

The bottom line 

Now that you have a clear idea about VPS hosting, it will be imperative to do detailed research on the service provider. This does not only help you find a good deal but keep you from making a spectacle of wrong choices. 

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How can you obtain a catchy domain name for website & increase sales?

Domain Name Search

The domain names are utmost essential for the success of the business. A major part of success lies in the hands of domain name. Without a domain name the addressing scheme used by internet will not be much effective. Every computer be it laptop/desktop or whatever type you are using has an Internet protocol which consists of four numbers divided by period like It is exceedingly difficult to remember this IP address of numerous websites. So a domain name system was created which could give a unique to every IP address. This unique name is known as Domains and you can Domain Name Search.

Domain name gives much needed credibility to business

The presence of domain name gives a professional look to your business. In case you publish your website using a free web hosting site then you may end up not getting a much trustworthy URL. Such URLs will not inspire the audience to visit your website. There are many not so reputed websites on internet. So it becomes imperative that the small businesses inculcate confidence in their audience to visit them. When you cannot spend a few bucks in registering an appropriate domain name for your website then why will people think that you are really working hard on your business.

How to obtain a catchy domain name?

Begin your domain name search by being creative. A catchy domain name is very essential for the success of the company. A potential domain name can make much difference to the business. But it is not easy to get that perfect domain name. This is because maximum good quality domain names have already been registered by other businesses. If you follow a strategic way to choose the perfect domain name, then your business will flourish.

Steps in obtaining the domain name

The first step to get a domain name is to check domain availabilityon registrar like GoDaddy. In case you find your desired domain name in .com and .net extensions then the cost will be around $8-$10 each year. If you search for other higher extensions domain name, then the cost can be slightly high. It is always a good idea to use .com extension. A .com extension will always signify that you are trustworthy and there will be no confusion in the mind of your customers. Each day so many domain names are getting registered. It is likely that the domain name you choose may already have been chosen by someone else. If you are interested in purchasing that particular domain name, then you will have to try to buy from that person. You can search the owner of domain name on GoDaddy database. But this not a reliable way as maximum times the owner keep their details hidden.

Try searching domain name marketplace sites

When you hunt for a catchy domain name you can search on domain name marketplace sites. On such sites various domain names are kept for sale. Sometimes the domain names will be kept on auction and many times there will be a fixed price on domain names. You can check website domain registration process and get to know the details.

Tips for choosing a catchy domain name

The various tips that can help you to choose a catchy domain name are as follows

1)      Choose an easy to spell name. There are chances that you may misspell the name.

2)      It is advisable to choose a short domain name. The shorter the domain name, the better it is.

3)      A domain name should be such which you and your employees are proud to relate to.

4)      The domain name should be pronounced easily.

5)      The name should be easily translated into other language.

6)      Do not opt for a name that will be limited in case your business grows.

7)      Pick a name that is easy to remember.

8)      The name should be such that easily tells the clients and customers about your business.

9)      Try avoiding the domain names connected via hyphen. Incase you get such a name then use a site redirect.

10)    When you decide a domain name think that you will the name respond to respond to keyword search on search engine.


A domain name is utmost important to increase brand awareness. When you choose a domain name same as your business then it strengthens your brand. This makes easy for the customers to remember your brand name. Your business can be successful just by word of mouth as the name can easily be remembered and passed on to others. A good domain can get you a considerable amount of traffic. This way you get increased number of customers and increased sales. A domain name is the address of your business which is very necessary for the customers. It helps the customers to reach up to you and see your offering. It is said that the first impression is the last impression. If your website name is impressive one then definitely the audience would like to come and further explore your website. So choose an impressive name to impress your audience and increase your sales. This is the pathway to success. This shows that you really care about your business and have invested money in it. Your hard work on your business will not go wasted if you choose a catchy Domain Name Search.

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USA VPS Hosting

People always go for two common types of web hosting, shared and VPS for every small-mid-size business. People always get confused between these and it becomes difficult for them to choose the right one. VPS hosting is a great option to go for when you want to grow your website. You need to read given reasons that justify helping you to know the reason. Though many people directly go for USA VPS Hosting but it is better to know why:

Choosing VPS Hosting over Shared Hosting

Given are best reasons that explain why you should not use VPS hosting:

              You Don’t Control Server

In shared hosting, there is no control to the user over tools to control the server itself. If you want an advanced or more unique software setup, then this is one of many VPS benefits available.

              Server Limits

In shared hosting website grows rapidly. There is a great chance to hit server limits quickly. Shared hosting provides scalability that is based on the plan or web host you use. The scalability just can’t be handled using a shared platform. Therefore, it is the best idea of moving from Shared to VPS hosting. Let’s look at the benefits of VPS hosting, what it offers, and why you may want to make the switch.

·         Slow Website Speeds

In shared hosting, you will experience slow site speed and several page load time issues. This is because your server is being shared with hundreds or thousands, of other websites. If there is traffic spikes in some other websites then you will experience slower speeds on your own website.


VPS Hosting Pros

Given below are the benefits of VPS hosting and they will provide you strong reasons to choose VPS hosting over shared hosting:

              Better Level of Performance

VPS helps you to enjoy the benefits of dedicated and private resources that are meant for you. This immediately provides a better level of performance. If your website a rapidly growing, there are big traffic spikes. If you have high traffic and using a VPS plan then you will see no decline in performance or page loading speeds. Your website will gets its own area and other sites on the server will not affect you in any way


              Better Security Levels

Security is the most important thing that is provided by VPS server hosting.  This includes getting a higher level of security for your website. You can use hosting environment that is virtualized, and your site is separated from other sites on the server. Therefore, anything that happens to other sites will not affect yours in any way.

              Easily Scalable

When you decide to scale up your hosting, it is very easy to do it with VPS. You aren’t tied to a physical server and it is easier to add the resources you need. You can’t find this kind of scalability with shared hosting with many different hosts out there.

              Server Customization

The major benefit of choosing VPS is server customization. This provides you great control at every level. You will also get root server access and Root Password And Administrative Passwords Can Change to manage your virtual server.

Shifting From Shared to VPS Hosting?

It  usually depends upon your business. You can decide anytime to move from shared to VPS and but here are a number of reasons that you need to think about when you are trying to make the move.

              Hosting multiple websites

·                     Business is expanding fast

              There is constant traffic spikes

              You want more control over your website

              You need better security

If your reasons fall under any of these conditions, then it is the right time to make the big jump to enjoy the benefits of VPS Hosting.

How VPS Works

Cheap VPS Hosting you will get an independent space just like sharing a server with other websites, but you have your own, secure, dedicated, private spot on the server and this is all for you alone. All the resources are yours, and they are not shared with anyone else on that server.

VPS Hosting simulates the experience you would get on a dedicated server. However, this is happening on a shared server, and also happening at a much lower cost than dedicated hosting. The web-hosting provider will install a virtual layer on top of the operating system of the server. This process is done by using virtualization technology which is done by Hypervisor KVM.

Virtual Private Server separates all your files from other server user files on the operating system level. It will surely give you the right of having a completely private server. In an easy way, you can think of it the way, you are in a condo building with other tenants. However, your condo is private, exclusive to you, and you can do whatever you want with it.

For the people who find it difficult to make a choice between VPS or shared hosting, they will make a choice in an informed way. You need to know and consider what you actually want that will give the right platform and make your website perform better. Between shared and VPS hosting, you must go for cheap VPS hosting without any doubt. Choose the best USA VPS hosting provider that will provide you best hosting service. VPS is far outweighed by what you can accomplish on a shared setup.

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Observe this Finest Technique to Check Domain Name Online

Check the online server for your domain name

For any website, domains registration is vital; it helps you obtain a unique domain name for a good relationship with clients. Large brands, small local companies, and individuals try to expand their business online. In this industry, competition is growing, with domain names searching the same thing. You may already have a domain name relevant to the brand when you start developing a website.


But if the brand has a well-known name, any other owner will probably utilize it. Therefore, it is required to confirm the availability of your domain name online to register. Let's see how you Check Domain Name Online in the easiest way. Are you confused about how the domain name may be registered on the right domain? Onlive server assists all our customers with fast and straightforward procedures to complete the registration process. We are the finest selection for your problem and available 24/7 to guide you whenever you required.

Not so easy domain to discover if you're looking for a frequent keyword; in this situation, it isn't easy to obtain the conventional extensions. Either way, if you would like to see customers, the domain name you choose should be connected to your business.
The domain name is best kept brief and stunning since it makes it easy for customers to remember. Whenever your client is looking for your mark, it can type in the search engine to mislead the domain name to other websites. Therefore, choosing the domain name is needed to improve your business' consumer counts.

How is your domain name registered?

There are two vital elements - the keyword you select and the extension - when it comes to the domain name. You obtain the extension for your website when both are combined appropriately. Many individuals select the same term because of brand name or company type resemblance. But the thing you can change is the extension, and you can see them as categories on our site. Several extensions available for your business, where some are new ones, others are the standard ones seen in many companies' domain names.

Easy steps on the Onlive Server to register the domain name: Login to, with the registered login credentials by us after purchasing services.
• See a search box, select the needed extension from the category list, to type your query here.
• You can change the currency nicely, and each extension displays different rates from the list of categories,

Every extension has different rates and currency types you can modify. The extension which meets the criteria can be chosen from Onlive Server at inexpensive costs. You must retry the search for another relative name if the domain name you type is not accessible presently.

You can check out the payment for a year after you decide on the domain name. If you plan to keep the domain name, you can renew our website to finish the payment of the domain name. The same domain should be used by business owners all over.

The extensions used for the domain names are numerous, such, online, la, and others, some of which are acknowledged as industry standards. Combining the extension with your keyword is not an intelligent practice, and you can construct a better domain name if you want to utilize a new extension at a lower charge.

It is best to choose extensions of new domains related to your business if you do not use the common domain names. Some extensions can indicate your name or anything that is connected with your services and products. Look for these extensions judiciously and create distinctive domain names that take into consideration website ideas.

Our Domain Name Registration Sites quickly develops ideas for your term, and the price is lower than many others. Over the years, we have been giving reliable services, and our team will provide you with technical assistance anytime you call us. Our specialists can be informed of what issue you face regarding domain registration to solve the error quickly.

Update thoughts

Make sure you register your domain name on time when you plan to create a website for your business. If your website is not ready for hosting, it's okay to register it in advance. You can purchase the domain name as soon as possible, so you can enhance the likelihood of the desired name being received.
You may trust Onlive Server as we offer the most effective services in consumers' comfort for selecting a suitable domain name. You have numerous online domain choosing options, and the procedure of renovation is likewise fast.

Wednesday, 30 June 2021

When Is The Best Time To Switch To UK VPS Hosting?

UK VPS Hosting

Before starting a website, you need to purchase server space to store your website data. Hosting provides you with UK VPS Hosting digital space and enables you to host a website on the Internet. It enables users to access the website through the World Wide Web.


People prefer shared hosting to start a website. This is the most popular hosting solution out there. Website owners are initially happy with shared hosting resources but later regret it. Sometimes, when it's obvious, you have a clue to find a more capable shared hosting solution. There is no better solution than UK VPS Server Hosting. It is important to pay attention to some signs that may indicate the time to move into web hosting.

• Traffic Is Increasing Rapidly

Every company aims to have an online presence. This is where they become popular. Online business is coming with lots of new visitors. Visitors also bring in the revenue that the company uses to survive and thrive. Great, but your website must be ready to handle a large amount of traffic. Every time a visitor visits your website, clicks on a link and interacts with the features available on the page. If you want to deal with visitors easily, it is important to update the website so that you can handle all the visitors without slow loading times.

There are a lot of busy websites out there that can be slow, and these loading times are slowing down your website performance. This leaves a bad impression on the visitors who will leave your website completely. With this, there is a chance that you could potentially lose your sales and this is most likely with shared hosting. With shared hosting, the server's resources are always limited and your website performance may suffer if someone else's website is too busy.

• The Hard Disk Space Is Running Out

Websites don't use up a lot of storage space, and there is usually a lot of storage space on a shared hosting plan. However, some locations need to be upgraded to expand their storage capacity. Websites are looking for better storage for a number of reasons. These cases include creating a lot of content, blogging, posting user-generated content, selling a wide range of products, storing user data, or creating lots of large files like videos and images. Hm.

If you're running out of storage, it's time to move on to better hosting. This will help you develop space for your future needs. Without the extra disk space, your website will perform poorly and hang.

• Website Offline

The website should always be online to ensure you don't lose your business and to preserve your online reputation. Many hosts guarantee at least 99.9% availability with very little or 0.1% downtime. You should perform important maintenance tasks such as: Updating the operating system and installing security patches.

Sometimes the availability is not up to the maximum time. This can happen due to busy neighbors with shared hosting plans, but it doesn't always happen. Your host may be using outdated hardware, causing server outages and requiring regular server maintenance. If you find that your website is down and you're regularly offline, it's time to upgrade.

• Host Additional Websites

If you want different websites in different languages, these should have domains that target different countries. The business develops for different products or services. With shared hosting, the number of websites they can host is limited for businesses. If you want to host more, you'll need to upgrade. This is the main reason to upgrade and it can help add more resources to your UK VPS Server Hosting plan. You need to look at the resources, which include memory, CPU, RAM, and bandwidth. If resources are limited or you do not have enough resources to host multiple websites, running too many in one small package can degrade the performance of all websites.

• Not Receiving Enough Resources

In Shared, you might find some restrictions that web hosts impose. These restrictions become a problem for resource-hungry applications or workloads to be used and for the configuration of the server. If you try to configure something other than the shared server, you will have problems. You can't set up what you want, but the server that you run resource-intensive applications like streaming websites, game servers, etc. This is not allowed with shared hosting and can affect the performance of your website.

What Can You Do?

If you are not happy with your gift, you will need to upgrade to your hosting plan. There are three general options available. The simplest plan is a shared hosting plan and will not solve all cases. If you are using shared hosting, you will definitely want to upgrade to a much bigger hosting that has more resources and options.

Many companies are switching directly to the UK VPS Server Hosting and it is relatively inexpensive and gives you most of the performance and resources of a VPS server. It provides the freedom to configure the server and run the software you want. Those with higher requirements can enjoy high performance, large storage with good availability as well as scalable and affordable VPS server hosting solutions.

Thursday, 17 June 2021

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Good Domain Name Provider In 2021

 Domain Name

What is the very first thing that you should consider when building a website? It is not a hosting plan or website designing. It is Domain Name Search. Yes! Without the domain name, it is not possible for you to run a website for your business. Choosing a domain name can be tricky at times, but if you have already thought about it for a long time, then there's nothing to worry about. Finding out the best domain name can be tricky, but there's also one thing that you should not forget about. That is selecting the right website domain registrar.


Not all domain name registrars offer the same level of professionalism or service to their clients. There are huge differences in the kind of experience that you come across while using a different domain name provider. Each of them comes with its own set of advantages and disadvantages. That being said, how are you going to select the best domain name provider? Well, there are a few factors that you need to consider. Let's take a look at those factors in this segment.


Important Factors You Need To Consider

Here is a list of the top factors that you should consider when you are planning to fetch domain name registration from a good agency.


Low Pricing - 

The pricing of your domain name service can make or break the deal. Just like a lot of things in life, it is important to start searching for a good domain name service provider by looking at their pricing. It may not be the only thing that determines a good service provider, but it is surely one of the most important. Domain name hosting is essential for all businesses, be it small or large. That is why you should compare the pricing of different agencies side-by-side in order to find out who is providing the best at a lower price. Running a business online is expensive and involves a lot of other costs like - hosting plan, designing costs, themes, plugins, etc. So, why not save some money on the domain name?


Free WHOIS Protection – 

All domains that can be searched on a search engine are possible because of the WHOIS Lookup Tool. It is a good idea to display your name and other contact information for the public to see. Some of the details you should provide along with your domain name includes - name, address, phone number and email address. These are very sensitive data and must be protected at all costs from any intruder surfing the web. You should always choose a company that is willing to offer reliable WHOIS security. This ensures that your domain, along with all the personal details, is kept safe and confidential. As cybersecurity threats are increasing every year, this is a very prominent feature you should definitely keep a check on.


Registration Time Frames – 

When you are planning to register a domain name for your business, you cannot do so for two or three months. The minimum time frame that you have to choose is one year. That is why you should expect to pay your service provider for the entire year. There are also some companies that require you to sign up for more than a year. You should avoid signing a contract with such companies and look elsewhere. As a newcomer to the industry, it is advisable that you select the one year plan and find out if you are comfortable with it or not. Only then you should sign a contract longer than a year.


Additional Products and Services – 

You may only need one single domain name, but it is always a good idea to know if your service provider will offer you more than one. The best domain name provider will always help their customers to get hold of domain names whenever necessary. Other than that, they should have a host of additional products. Some of the add-ons might include domain privacy, website builder, site templates, full time dedicated servers and several other tools. If a company is providing you with so many add-ons, it tells you a lot about their versatility. Also, the availability of the services should be included in the same plan that you are paying.


Reputation - 

Last but not least, you should double-check the kind of reputation the brand has in your community. Such agencies have the ability to attract more customers, and that is why they keep on upgrading themselves. They make sure that they develop the infrastructure that will offer their clients the best experience. Customers of such brands are more loyal and satisfied with their services. Find domain name of website and its reputation by talking with your friends or family. Visit several online forums, and you can get a lot of detail regarding their services there as well.


Final Words - 

Knowing how to select the right domain name provider can prove to be a great way to save money and run a more efficient business in the coming days. It can be difficult to recommend only one company for domain name registration. There are many agencies that are leading the industry head-to-head. So, no one really has a massive edge over anyone else, right? Make sure to check out our blog and find out the suitable domain registration provider for your business in your community. So, here you can Check Website Domain Registration.

Best 10 Domain Name Registrars In 2021

Check Your Domain Name Availability

Start a business startup and check your domain availabilities on google we have given you an overview of the top 10 domain name registration sites. You could easily check your domain and select as per as you want .com, .in, org, .net.

  • Onlive server
  • Onlive Infotech

These Domain NameRegistration centers are ICANN-authorized, which implies the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) has authoritatively conceded consent to enlist space names.

Let's dive right into these best domain name providers.

Onlive server 

A modest committed worker facilitating and VPS Hosting organization "Onlive Server" offers plans devoted to the single client with no different customers on a similar worker. It is a leading Server Hosting Company currently offering the Cheapest Dedicated Server Hosting Plans and the best Cloud VPS Server Hosting Plans with abroad scope of particular.

Onlive Infotech

The OnliveInfotech checkout measure is generally essential yet includes an unsavory number of upsells. They also possess the base energy for a domain buys set at two years, so you'll have to change it physically if you need to buy a domain name for just a single year. offers web hosting administrations, including their custom Website Builder. In any case, these administrations are not recommended. On the off chance that you go through onlive for your domain, people recommend searching somewhere else for hosting. is more centered around selling hosting plans than domain names. (Their name says everything!). This makes it a standout amongst other domain registrars on the off chance that you need an answer where you can have your hosting and domain name across the board spot.

It's not difficult to buy your first domain name on live experts. People like their simple to-utilize interface, and the way that they aren't forceful with them upsell.

Windowscloudserver is completely ICANN-authorized and has developed to get quite possibly the most confided in names in the business. What's more, is additionally extraordinary compared to other domain registrars regarding adjusting cost and backing.

If you register a .com domain with a windows server, they'll likewise toss in Who is Guard security insurance for nothing. Many individuals don't care for freely uncovering their contact data, so this is a decent reward.

Hover is a moderately new domain merchant that charges itself as "Where the web's best thoughts get named." That guarantee is to some degree emotional; however, the allure of Hover can't get denied: they are an essential organization that does a specific something, selling domains and related email accounts, truly well.

Hover is an organization dedicated to straightforwardness, and it shows in its checkout cycle. There are no upsells at all during the buy interaction, and they acknowledge a heap of installment strategies, including an assortment of Mastercard, PayPal, and Apple Pay. is one of the biggest ICANN-authorised domain registrars, and it's practically a commonly recognized name.

While highly esteems the "World's #1 ICANN-certify Domain Registrar, " many would disagree. They've gotten a ton of horrible audits dependent on their client assistance. For instance, in our WordPress hosting study, positioned close to the base to help quality. While that study managed to host instead of just domain enlistment, it is a decent marker of the general standing has for client care. doesn't have the best evaluating; their domain names start at $40/year. As we said, their essential business is hosting, not selling domains!

In case you're not open to working straightforwardly with nameservers, the additional cash may be great for the accommodation of having your domain name and hosting in one spot. is a standout amongst other domain registrars that additionally offer to host. site is ideally spread out, and you will not experience a problematic situation buying a domain. Their domain the board is intuitive to use too. is the one domain registrar in India. So, on the off chance that you live in India, this is outstanding amongst other domain registrars for you. Since OVH is situated in the USA, its value is in pounds. All domain names accompany a free email address (+ 5GB of extra room), a Whois Obfuscator, a Check Domain Name System Security Extension, and DNS the board. It's simple enough to explore site and buy a domain name. Their domain the board is likewise fair – no serious issues there. The administration interfaces and the degree of help offered change by area, which is poorly designed for worldwide clients. has been a known name (a play on words proposed) on the domain name scene. They come with thousands of domain names. They have won their clients' hearts not just because of their administration's nature yet also their beneficent commitments to associations throughout the planet. 

Even though domain name administration is essential for Google's enormous portfolio, it has been available just since 2015. It's difficult to consider them a "rookie" to the domain game.

The primary concern that Google Domains has going for them is for sure Google's gigantic foundation behind this help. which makes it an excellent domain registrar all alone. The evaluating model is evident, too, with the restoration costs being equivalent to the section-level ones.

Usually, there's no single best domain registrar, no matter how you look at it. A few organizations are continually going to be superior to different ones, contingent upon your necessities and prerequisites. All you have to do to get the best services and find the domain name of the website. Then you will have uninterrupted services, and you would have the best service in your home.