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Did you select the right Netherlands Dedicated Server hosting platform?

Cheapest Netherlands Dedicated Server

Onlive Server Technology offers you Cheapest Netherlands Dedicated Server and VPS Hosting Server at very lowest cost with lots of features like full bandwidth, stability, reliability, and 24*7 hours available technical support team. The essential favorable position of Our Netherlands Dedicated Server and Netherlands VPS Hosting Server is that it is practical and offers an extraordinary opportunity to customers to deal with their work portals. You are given full root access to your private servers. But technically you lie on the same physical machine sharing its CPU, RAM, circle stockpiling, and data transfer capacity. It gives complete control over your server so you can easily add or remove any thing from your server without others permission. Our Netherlands Dedicated Server and Netherlands virtual private server depends on virtualization innovation, which isolates a physical server into numerous virtual servers. This is finished with the assistance of a product utility that divide the main hardware into small units where every unit work independently and freely from each other. the purpose behind the segment of main server is that free server can be rebooted easily without influencing other Netherlands VPS Or Dedicated Server.

Round the clock technical support 

Mostly service provider like Onlive Server Technology LLP offers round the clock specialized support to their customers. In addition, Our Netherlands Dedicated Server and Netherlands VPS equipment and programming are nearly checked by proficient experts, who can cleverly resolve any potential issue any time 24*7 hours. You can contact them via telephone or email after you query they will quickly contact you and resolve your problem. Today, people are progressively making utilization of the ideas of online market that encourages associations of all sizes to make and begin their site, a channel to create income. Without a doubt, web based business entries are presented to overwhelming activity; along these lines, to serve the demand of clients and to keep away from dismal repercussions, it is vital that you have essential processing resources. The quicker your site reacts to a guest’s demand, the quicker the execution of your website page is. Thus, Onlive Server Technology hosting is the most appropriate alternative for web based business entryways. It is an awesome approach to draw the clients, which, in the long run, helps in building your brand. Onlive Server Technology is a main web hosting supporter, with a rich industry experience and ability in taking care of the hosting necessities of organizations of all sizes. Its arrangement of offerings traverses over dedicated server, Netherlands VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, Joomla hosting, and cloud hosting arrangements. We guarantee maximum network accessibility and 99.99% uptime for our customers. On top of that, master dedicated support is additionally accessible round the clock to guarantee smooth work operations.

Wednesday, 28 December 2016

The Big Sell On The End Of Big Year On Turkey VPS Hosting and Turkey Dedicated Servers

A dedicated Hosting service, dedicated server, or managed Hosting service and Turkey VPS Hosting is a type of Internet Hosting in which you rent a whole server not imparted to anybody. This is more superior than shared Hosting, as your association will have full control over the servers, including decision of working framework like windows, Linux, hardware, etc. you have root access permission so all Server organization is handled by yourself in terms of software, but we provide 24/7 support you via telephone or email regarding your any issues. Our Onlive Server Technology's VPS Hosting and Turkey Dedicated Servers are housed in one of our overall server farms, giving excess power sources. The server equipment is possessed by us, and comprises of a lease of space. Onlive Server Technology generally provides you Quality Hardware with latest technology to your server products. There is also equipment substitution guarantee if there should arise an occurrence of equipment failure. All our servers are ensured substitution equipment inside 6 hours of equipment failure and Maximum assurance of conveyance inside 12 hours. Monthly 3 times re-establishment services are provided free of cost by Onlive Server Technology and any issues in regards to Hardware and systems service are taken care of by our technical support team for 24*7 hours.

Advanced Control Panel with High Performance SSD Drive Technology : 
 Onlive Server Technology Server assets are free of each other. Every server keeps running in its own asset pool. High CPU utilization or RAM usage of a server does not influence different servers. Thus, high performance can be achieved by using our servers. We also provide fully managed Cpanel With this panel; you have full control of your server. You can turn off the server through this Cpanel, reboot your system, re-install can be also done, you can update RDNS record very easily, and you can even connect to your server via KVM. We generally use high performance SSD drives in all of our servers which gives a high speed to our servers. 

24*7 hours Technical Support and 99.99% Uptime Guarantee :

Onlive Server Technology also offers you a nice technical support team for you who are 24*7 hours available for you regarding your any type of issue like hardware and network problems you can easily contact to them via telephone or email. They will quickly response you on your mail also. By the help of Redundant network infrastructure and good electrical systems we provide you 99.99% uptime guarantee to your Dedicated as well as Turkey VPS Servers. Your all network and monitoring systems are monitored 24*7 hours through our energy system.

Saturday, 15 October 2016

Germany Dedicated Servers fits for your eCommerce and Game hosting

Germany Dedicated Servers fits for your eCommerce and Game hosting

Germany Dedicated Servers
Germany Dedicated Servers

The web is now a grand medium for communicating with the world. A good number of companies are resorting to the web for executing their sales and advertisements directly for their merchandises and services.

What are dedicated servers?
Such companies are presented with diverse forms of servers for their diverse forms of chores. One such form of a server is the dedicated server. In this form of server, the patron has absolute control of the server and this implies that they have no need for sharing it with any additional individual/party. In the existing state of affairs, a Germany dedicated servers provides you the finest dedicated server that you can afford and that fits your requirements and specifications. and good for making small Germany vps servers.

The dedicated servers of Germany
The Germany managed dedicated servers are branded for their flexibility, safety measures and greater bandwidth. They also offer totally free setup. Two types of dedicated servers of Germany are there, namely, metered dedicated servers and unmetered dedicated servers ”Unlimited Bandwidth Dedicated Servers”.

The metered ones supply you with superior bandwidth at a useful rate while ensuring that the prerequisites of all forms of patrons are fulfilled. For those who are uncertain about their bandwidth usage and are apprehensive regarding its excess cost, unmetered servers are a better option. The reason is that they offer you limitless bandwidth and do not charge you anything extra for data transfer.

Dedicated server or virtual private servers hosting?
Onlive Server offers cheap dedicated servers, virtual private servers, with a Germany dedicated server, and you can be guaranteed of comprehensive protection in terms of anti-spyware, anti-phishing, anti-spam and web filtering. A Dedicated server is a simple server that’s hooked up to a network with all its processing control being committed towards its customer. However, in virtual private server hosting the server resources are going to be split among diverse websites /hosting accounts. A Germany Virtual Private Server has high-end as well as low-end options accessible.

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Turkey Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions with 24×7 Sales & Support

Turkey Dedicated Server
Turkey Dedicated Server

Turkey Dedicated Server Hosting Solutions with 24×7 Sales & Support

What is a Turkey Dedicated Server?
A Turkey dedicated server or a dedicated web hosting server is a kind of internet hosting where you hire an entire server without sharing with anybody else. Basically, the concept of dedicated server is much simpler and flexible than those of shared hosting. To make it simpler, dedicated server is the use of the single computer in a network reserved for serving the needs of the network.

Is there a dedicated server hosting provide in Turkey?
Be it the turkey dedicates server or Turkey VPS hosting or Turkey dedicated servers, one provider is one of the best options for web hosting server in Turkey. With their 24*7 sales and support facilities, one provider looks after every minute detail of their customers. Starting from those simple questions to those high budget issues, one provider looks after each and every corner with detailed attention and patience.
 Some of the healthy advantages of choosing good Turkey dedicated server are-
No matter how small or large your business be, there is avarious and wide range of options for hosting your server or website. The most common option among all of them is the concept of shared hosting as well as dedicated hosting. Dedicated hosting be the more powerful and comfortable concept.

Choose DDos France Dedicated Server for Online Games

France Dedicated Server

Why Choose DDos France Dedicated Server for Online Games?

DDos :
In a conveyed disavowal of-administration (DDoS) assault, an assailant may utilize your PC to assault another PC. By exploiting security vulnerabilities or shortcomings, an assailant could take control of your PC. He or she could then drive your PC to send immense measures of information to a site or send spam to specific email addresses. The assault is “dispersed” in light of the fact that the assailant is utilizing various PCs, including yours, to dispatch the foreswearing of-administration assault. DDoS is a kind of DOS assault where various bargained frameworks, which are regularly contaminated with a Trojan, are utilized to focus on a solitary framework creating a Denial of Service (DoS) assault. Casualties of a DDoS assault comprise of both the end focused on framework and all frameworks malignantly utilized and controlled by the programmer in the disseminated assault.

Using SSD Storage on France Dedicated Server :
A strong state drive  is a strong state stockpiling gadget that utilizations coordinated circuit congregations as memory to store information diligently. SSD innovation essentially utilizes electronic interfaces perfect with conventional square info/yield (I/O) hard plate drives (HDDs), which allow basic substitutions in like manner applications. France Dedicated Server provide good range of SSD Storage.

High Speed bandwidth for France Dedicated Server :
France Dedicated Server availability is accessible from 4Mbps to 1Gbps. It utilizes straightforward, savvy Ethernet network to interface your business to the world. With the exceptional high adaptability highlight, Onlive Server offers adaptable data transmission updates most appropriate as per your business development.

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Who is Best USA Dedicated Server Provider for e-commerce Website

What is e-commerce website?
E-Commerce sites made our life very easy by it we can easily buy and sell our products and services by businesses and consumers through an electronic medium, without use of paper documents. It allows consumers to electronically exchange goods as well as services without any barriers of time and distance.

Recommended USA Dedicated Server
USA Dedicated Server sounds pretty. It has a Strong Website Stability and reliability with Full support of server's CPU, RAM and Storage resources. USA Dedicated Host Server Provides the users the capability to handle and assembled Web Servers and customer will characteristically have complete power over their Hosting Environment and have choice of picking their own OS as well as other personalized security Settings.Onlive also provide VPS Server of Different Places for example California Dedicated Server, Chicago Dedicated Server, Columbus Dedicated Server, Ohio Dedicated Server, Cincinnati Dedicated Server and Dallas Dedicated Server. We use Open VZ, KVM and Hyper-v technology for virtualization of VPS Hosting Server. We can also Use the VPS Hosting Servers for web hosting as well as Gaming, Storage, Emails, VOIP, Development Projects.


Choose Germany Dedicated Server for your High Traffic classified site

What is Dedicated Server ?
A Dedicated  server is a physical server (or PC) running a server based programming that runs different administrations over a system. Dedicated Server is totally separated for your utilization as it were.

Why use Dedicated Servers?
A Dedicated server is the perfect answer for bigger organizations and high-traffic sites. Dedicated Servers take into account most extreme customization, configuration, establishment, and general adaptability ; all sponsored by  Onlive Server unparalleled backing. Germany dedicated server may be better, since it is totally yours and there are no other  root clients. It guarantees that outsider exercises don’t influence your administrations.

A High-Traffic Classified Website …??
A site with high traffic (activity) and asset needs will start to strain a common hosting server. Before long, both your site and the other sites sharing your server will slow down or even stop when the server’s ability is exceeded. With a Germany dedicated server, you don’t have to share. You’re allowed to utilize 100 percent of the server to handle your activity and deal with your exchanges. On the off chance that your needs exceed your server, you can move up to a greater and speedier server, something that you’re growing business should be ready to support.
germany dedicated server
If there is traffic on your website from Europe than you should host your server on the same Europe for example if your website is in Germany in Europe then you should take the and you should also host your Website in Europe on different VPS Server like as France VPS Server, Germany VPS Server, Italy VPS Server, Spain VPS Server, UK VPS Server, Poland VPS Server, Portugal VPS Server, Ireland VPS Server, Czech Republic VPS Server, Netherlands VPS Server, Finland VPS Server, Lithuania VPS Server or Belgium VPS Server because if visitors are near by the Server then it gives a good speed to the visitors.

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